Watch Battery

Watch battery replacement services by Perpetual Watch Services. Sure, any old cobbler can likely crack the back off a watch and fit a battery, however this is not the full story. Opening a precision timepiece is a process that needs to be performed by someone skilled to ensure the watches condition is preserved and optimised where advisable.

Watch Repair Masters


Your watch will endure a lot of punishment in its lifetime. Only a comprehensive watch service by Perpetual Watch guarantees to restore your watch mechanically and physically to as good as new.


    Timescale: from 4 weeks.
    Prices: Contact our Customer Service Department.

    Watch services are performed in our state-of-the-art workshop according to strict manufacturer stipulations. The equipment our watchmakers use is approved and recommended by our partners. Detailed information of all service phases is provided when booking your watch model.

    The Watch Service Process

    • The movement (including the hands and the dial ) are completely taken apart .
    • The parts are thoroughly cleaned
    • Any worn or defective movement components are replaced or repaired before being re-assembled.
    • The bracelet/strap is removed and the case is dismantled.
    • The case is ultrasonically cleaned and re-assembled with a new water resistant seal.
    • A case and bracelet refurbishment is carried out if applicable under the manufacturer criteria.
    • A functional check is performed (including precision and power reserve checks according to the movement calibre and brand recommendations). This is carried out with a state of the art diagnostics machine.
    • The watch under goes water-resistancy testing.
    • A final check of the accuracy and the power reserve is undertaken over several days if appropriate.

    Timescale: Up to 5 days.
    Prices: from £35.

    Our watchmakers are accredited to perform maintenance servicing. Protective service processes are recommended as watch gaskets deteriorate over time allowing moisture to leak into the case. These seals should be checked annually to ensure water resisitancy. A maintenance service provides:

    • Replacement of the current battery
    • Replacement of the gaskets on the case , crown, and glass(as required)
    • Pressure testing to ensure the watch meets the original manufacturer specifications.
    • Final time-test to ensure accurate timekeeping.

    Steam cleaning of the case and bracelet is included in the price.

    Breitling 90-110Cartier 55
    Chopard 55Gucci 35
    Longines 35Montblanc 40
    Omega 50 - 60Patek Philippe 95
    Raymond Weil 35Rolex 70-110
    Tag Heuer 45Tag Heuer Chrono/Alarm - 55
    Tissot 35

    Timescale: from 2 weeks.
    Prices: from £35.

    Each watchmaker has undergone rigorous training to ensure the original case finish is perfectly restored. Valets can be carried out to most cases and bracelets. Cases will be returned to as close to their original condition as possible. In some instances of heavy wear it is impossible to remove deep marks. Our service team will advise on inspection of the watch. The case is also pressure tested before being re-attached to the bracelet. These can only be carried out in conjunction with a maintenance service as the movement will be removed from the case.

    Case & Bracelet Valeting
    • The case is removed from the bracelet
    • Specialised polishing equipment restores the case and bracelet accoring to the type of original finish
    • The case and bracelet are steam cleaned with pressurised water before drying
    • The case is pressure tested and reattached to the bracelet

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